Our Story


We are just a small group of engineers and product designers who are tired of bad products and just want to make them better. It all started during the quarantine. We were wearing masks, just like everyone else, and couldn't stand the constant ear abuse. So we made a solution, our first product the Mag-Mask! An adjustable mask strap using a Fidlock magnetic buckle.

Now we are starting the next step of our journey, a new and improved Mag-Mask, the Mag-Mask Premium which is currently in crowdfunding. With this next step we are also transforming ourselves from a group with a focus on one product to a full-fledged design group who will have a full catalog of products. 

With this next step we are starting our metamorphosis from Mag-Mask to 8TIMBER, from a product to a design group. We hope you join us for this journey, it's going to be a wild ride!